Wednesday, December 29, 2010

...and in the meantime...

Bad blogger.  That's what I am.  Though I have the multi-post going about writing and agent seeking (and I have thought about it, believe me), I'm enjoying my time with my little fam, the stacks of YA books that surround me, and cups of hot cocoa with whipped cream (which I don't do on a normal basis) a little too much to be pulled away for a full-fledged blogging session.  So while I watch my friend Molly--the very one who inspired me to begin a blog--updating away, I will admit my lack of focus and extend my blog vacay until everyone heads back to work and school next week, and I'm left to rattle around with my thoughts and quietude. 

I wish everyone a fantastical 2011--it feels like a good year ;)