Thursday, February 3, 2011

(Intermission) 2/2/11: The Day My Daughter's Heart Broke Into a Bajillion Pieces

There's a clause in the unwritten mom contract which stipulates that it is the mom's duty to be the one to break disappointing, devastating, and/or tantrum-inducing news. 

I was the dealer of the devastation yesterday.  2/2/11.  The day that marks a somber period in my daughter's young life.  The day The White Stripes officially announced their break-up.

When Third Man Records (Jack White's record shop/vinyl pressing place/concert hall/building extraordinaire in Nashville, TN) sent out the link to the official breakup announcement on, I had the job of reading the release, from start to finish, to Jack White's biggest fan, as she stood frozen in my living room.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her jaw dropping a little more with each paragraph.  By the time I'd finished, she was silent and had already begun her mourning.

Yes, there will be other bands, and there are still White's other phenomenal bands, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather (and as stated time and again, she owns and covets all things Jack White, including the fruits of his discography),  but this love my daughter had for The Stripes has lasted way over half of her young life, and that's a big deal.  So, in the spirit of honoring her loss, I am interrupting my normal blogging activities to dedicate a link and two songs to her: the first song she ever heard--the one that started the whole obsession for her, "Hello Operator," and the one she taught herself on her electric guitar (which she wanted because of Jack): "We're Going to Be Friends."  The songs are awesome live versions from The Reading Festival, since she never got the chance to see them in concert (when she thought my husband and I were going to see them at The Greek without her a few years back, she was NOT a happy little obsessed fan).

Someday, we'll venture to Third Man, and there will be concerts in her future...I'm almost willing to bet The Dead Weather will be in the cards one day.

Link: Top 10 White Stripes Songs to Get You Through Their Breakup  (and who doesn't love Jack's cover of "Jolene"???)

Um...that would be WE'RE Going to Be Friends (incorrect title on the video--I caught it!)